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Teacher Training 3 day Level 1 part one taught by Heather Kamala

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In this teacher training program, all of the tools and training necessary to get you moving towards becoming a kids yoga teacher are offered. This is the Level 1 part one.

Date: September 16-18, 2016 9:30am-5:30pm

Fee: 5800nok

Schedule 24H: 9:30am-5:30pm

Day One

• Introduction to KiDo Yoga Lineage - Yogic Arts for Kids                                                     a blend of Astanga Yoga and Martial Arts

• Seated Asanas with YogaRhymes for younger kids as a circular class -                               KiDo rhyming way of teaching seated poses for ages 2.5 and older

• Pranayama Practice - lead by example, learn adult practice, teach simple concepts -      Building the solid base of breath control as an adult practice.

• Yogic Life Lecture -Advice for living a Powerful Life

• Universal Teaching Formula-All the how to’s of teaching kid’s yoga

Day Two

• Pranayama Practice-Continued practice of adult breath control to deepen our adult practice

• Sample KiDo Kids Yoga Class using a Seated Asanas set -                                         Experience what a KDKY class looks like

• Warrior Salutation with YogaRhymes for a well-rounded kids yoga class -                            Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara) for ages 4 and older

• Games for a Kid’s Yoga class-Games grouped by age and content as well as how to invent more

• Anatomy for Children-Introduction to simple anatomy that can be used to teach children

Day Three

• Pranayama Practice-Continued practice of adult breath control to lock in the knowledge

• Sample KiDo Kids Yoga Class using the Warrior Salutation -                                          Building familiarity of what a KDKY class looks like

• Chanting and Aromatherapy -Singing in a yoga circle with essential oils for relaxation in a kid’s class

• Stories of Asanas -The stories behind the yoga poses from Indian Epic Literature

• Stories with Visuals -Incorporating story and visual props into a kids yoga class

• Testing and Teaching-Each student will have the opportunity                                                 to teach a mini class with feedback

Adult with basic athletic ability and all levels of yoga experience are welcome.

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