Hello Beautiful Kid’s Yoga Love Warriors!

Are you open to a new path? To becoming a kid’s yoga teacher in your community? Welcome to your KiDo Kids Zing teacher training! Together we are creating a global community of kid’s yoga using only the best…therapuetic grade Young Living essential oils.

What makes us different from other kid’s yoga trainings?

• Our adult mother system of yoga called Yogic “Flow Arts” is a blend of Ashtanga Yoga and elements of martial arts as created by Master of Movement and Yogi to the Stars, Duncan Wong

• We use YogaRhymes, a sweet series of short poems that describe the yoga poses written by Heather Kamala. Teachers recite the YogaRhymes while doing the poses with the kids

• The 6 Points of a KiDo Kids class help a teacher get a kick start to confidence and a way to automate lesson plans

• After our two day course is complete, we offer follow up ongoing coaching for our new teachers (not included in price)

• KiDo Kids Zing is an opportunity to create a new business and lifestyle of health for yourself and your community. Be the Change you Want to See in the World!

We are a grassroots family business and I welcome you to our yoga family with great Love and Respect.

About our Teacher Trainings:
KiDo Kids Yoga is Yogic Flow Arts for kids
KiDo Kids Zing, kid’s yoga infused with essential oils is the newest addition to our family of businesses.
Yogic Arts is a super fun workout that we adapt for children ages 4 to 12. 
We are a Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) with Yoga Alliance. Our full KiDo Kids Yoga Menu of trainings fulfill the partial requirements of 95 hours to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT)*. The list of all four trainings (not all available in all areas) which combined equal 12 days can be found here: www.KiDoKidsYoga.com/ teacher-training-menu.
KiDo Kids Zing is a sampler training, the hours of which are considered credits towards a larger goal. At each level of certification (including this KiDo Kids Zing two day training), we do encourage our students to begin teaching what they have learned. 
*For more information about Yoga Alliance visit: www.YogaAlliance.org

Our KiDo Kids Zing Teacher Training caters to all levels of yoga from super beginner to the more proficient. We are all beginners and we each develop our ‘Personal Practices’ a little every day. 

Included in our Two Day Teacher Training:
• Seated Asanas (seated yoga poses) 
• Warrior Salutation (standing yoga poses as Sun Salutation)
• Correct placement of your stance and alignment in your yoga poses
• The 6 Points to a KiDo Kids Class
• YogaRhymes Manual
• Lesson Plans to follow when teaching
• Universal Teaching Formula (all the basics of teaching kids)

Believe it or not, at the end of two days you'll have enough material to get out and teach right away, whether it’s in a studio, classroom or just in your living room with your own kids or neighbors. We always encourage team work, team teaching and follow up trainings. Stay in touch as KiDo Kids have career potential beyond just these first two days.
We will have follow up trainings for those who wish to continue to study yoga, essential oils and children’s concepts with us. To be announced during the training.

Imagine that, what we are about to learn, I've taught to over 200 students in places like Tokyo, Dublin and Mexico. You are becoming part of a global family and can connect with your KiDo brothers and sisters in Asia, Europe and America. 
I’m thrilled you have chosen to study with us. Those who wish to excel in their kid’s yoga careers will find ample support with us to do so.

About our Other Businesses:
We are Zing Living spreading a health and yoga lifestyle with Young Living essential oils. We have lots of products, classes and guidance to get you on yoru path to health and wealth success.
And our preschool business of 18 years, called KiDo Kids School, has given us the background in teaching how to inspire and play with small children.

What does a KiDo Kids Zing class look like?
Although there are many ways to teach KiDo, the most common is a one hour class for ages 4 to 12. 

Here are the 6 Points to a KiDo Kids Zing class
with the Rhythm of High and Low Energy:
1 Wonderful uplifting essential oils, music and dance 
to get our energy and breath flowing
2 a Game that leads into a circle for our 
YogaRhymes Seated Asanas (poses)
3 Story integration and enjoying inspiring smelling oils
4 Our Warrior Salutation (or Sun Salutation) 
from Yogic Arts by Duncan Wong with zesty oils
5 Games with Stories ending in our relaxing oils with 
6 Cool Down YogaRhymes and finishing poses, 
medtitation or quiet activity

Here's an example of our famous opening YogaRhyme 
(sitting cross legged, teachers recite and kids follow):
"This is my roof, it keeps me dry and warm, hands together, our heart is our home, Namaste"
See YogaRhymes in action on our YouTube channel:
https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=LlxHfbl1WY8

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